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  • Name: Bob Clay
  • Age: 64
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  • Location: Oklahoma US
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My Bio

My sister bought my first Ball jar in 1975, the same year I went to work for Ball. I still have that jar...but goodness what it started! Before I started thinning my collection, I had over 3000 jars, most of them Ball jars. My wife was tolerant, but getting testy, especially when it came to dusting! A very near miss by one of our Okie tornadoes and a few other things made me sell my collection, but I'll always have "it" in my blood! The great friends I've made, the outstanding mentors I've had, and the fabulous jars I've seen far outweigh the collection I once had. We are but caretakers of glass history, and as long as there are those of us that wish to share what we've learned, we know that we've made a contribution for the continuation and good of the hobby.

My Occupation

Trying not to work

My Hobbies

Fishing, bowling and looking for jars. Oh, and cooking! :o)

My yuku Posts

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